Manually Configuring a BGP Router ID per VRF in MPLS Networks

 Today I am going to talk about the configuration part of the BGP router id per VRF. In my example we took two different VRFs name NB and NDNA and defined that VRF configurations.

The IP addresses are used here is for the demo purposes only and has no relevance with any of the enterprise network. These configurations are the demo configurations and will help you out for the configuration on your live network.

Fig 1.1- Basic MPLS Scenario

Below are the steps to configure the BGP router id per VRF. These steps are

  1. Defining VRF_NDNA on the router
  2. Defining VRF_NB on the router
  3. Configuring Loopback with the IP address
  4. Configuring Ethernet interfaces with VRF
  5. Configuring VPNv4 and IPv4 address family

    I. Defining VRF NDNA and VRF NB on the router

    II. Configuring Loopback with the IP address

    III. Configuring BGP 

    IV. Configuring VPNv4 address family

    V. Configuring IPv4 address Family