Basics about Cisco ISE

Basics about Cisco ISE 

Cisco ISE generally knows as Cisco Identity Services Engine used for solution to streamline security policy management. Cisco ISE is one of the important pillar of the Cisco SD-Access ( Software defined Access) solution for authentication, authorization, accounting, posture profiling gathering real-time contextual information.

By sharing real-time contextual data from users, devices, and the network infrastructure across the enterprise, Cisco ISE enables organizations to make proactive governance decisions by enforcing policies across their network infrastructure.

Fig 1.1- Cisco ISE

Cisco ISE functions
There are some functions done by Cisco ISE and these are below

  • Provides authentication, authorization, accounting for the networks
  • Enforces endpoint compliance by providing comprehensive client provisioning measures and accessing device posture for all endpoints that access the network, including 802.1X environments
  • Provides support for discovery, profiling, policy-based placement and monitoring of endpoint devices on the network
  • Cisco ISE supports 802.1X wired, wireless, and virtual private networks (VPN)
  • Provides context-aware identity-based network access and Provides comprehensive guest access management
  • Enables consistent policy in centralized and distributed deployments that allow services to be 
  • delivered where they are needed
  • Cisco ISE helps enforcement capabilities including security group access (SGA) through the use of security group tags (SGTs) and security group access control lists (SGACLs)