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Integrating Mobility Services Engine (MSE) with Cisco Prime Infrastructure

Integrating Mobility Services Engine (MSE) with Cisco Prime Infrastructure

wIPS engine running on Mobility Services Engine analyzes the context and information for this wIPS engine to visualize it. 

This requires integration with Cisco Prime Infrastructure which hosts the floor maps that provide a visualization of the various threats, interferers, attacks and other elements as and where they are detected on the Cisco Prime database.

During the process of setting up the MSE, once the OVA is deployed, during the initial setup process, configuration of a authentication/communication password for Mobility Services Engine to be able to communicate and integrate with Cisco Prime Infrastructure so that the wireless lan controller and maps information can be synchronized between Prime and MSE for accurate processing and visualization of wIPS data. 

Fig 1.1-Integrating Mobility Services Engine (MSE) with Cisco Prime Infrastructure

On Cisco Prime, MSE can be added under Services > Mobility Services Engine > Add

Providing the Cisco Prime communication username and password information as it was configured on the MSE.

Once MSE and Prime has been integrated and Wireless lan controllers and floor maps have been synchronized between them, the next step is to configure wIPS profiles/policies as desired to include signatures of interest which are to be monitored per the policy and exclude those which aren’t of interest.

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