Cisco Security : Open DNS ( Cisco Umbrella )

Well in Today's market security is the main concern for all the enterprise networks and without security all other architecture will not be so effective, so all the platforms are dependent on each other.

There are lot of Security players in the market in different domains and some of the domains are as follows
  • Access control and Policy
  • Advance Malware Protection ( AMP )
  • Cloud Security ( Open DNS )
  • Email Security
  • Web Security
  • Firewalls
  • Network Security
  • Network visibility and enforcement
  • Next Generation intrusion prevention system ( NGIPS )
  • Security Management
  • VPN and End point Security clients
Today's in the market, only Cisco is the player who is in every above security domain and have competition with other players in different domains.

In this topic we are more concentrated about the cloud security which Cisco have a solution called Open DNS. So Open DNS is the cloud based security solution which is excellent and capable for securing your first line of defense.

Fig 1.1 - Cisco Umbrella ( Open DNS )

In the recent study, it has been seen that about 65 million people use OpenDNS every day for a safer and faster Internet, including thousands of companies from Fortune 500’s to small businesses. But Cisco is just scratching the surface of the online population and everybody needs better security. With Cisco’s incredible global reach, resources, and technologies it has been believed that to accelerate open DNS vision of helping people connect with confidence on any device, anywhere, anytime.

It is free if you are going to change your DNS settings and put DNS IP's of Open DNS instead of using the DNS IP's of Google or your local ISP's. Open DNS actually a cloud based solution which is connected to the various DNS across the world. Once threat is traced by Open DNS in any of its window, it automatically blocked the threat IP's to enter to the enterprise network before it starts sending malware to the network.

WOW ! So by using the Open DNS you can have the capability for securing your network before entering it.  Open DNS is the excellent solution which Cisco pitching the customers now a days and i think customers should go with this solution anyhow to save their enterprise network from malware and treats. Cisco now called this solution as Cisco Umbrella ( Open DNS ).

We will come up with the next session which includes how we can use open DNS in any of the enterprise network and how it works and effectively secure the cloud.