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Data Backup for Veeam Agent in Microsoft Windows

 Data Backup for Veeam Agent in Microsoft Windows

Today we will going to discuss on the backup types for Veeam agent for Microsoft windows. Mainly there are two types of backup you can create in Microsoft windows for Veeam agent and these are Volume level backup and File level Backup. 

Fig 1.1- Backups

Let's talk on both kinds of backup one by one

Volume Level Backup

Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows can be configured to create volume-level backups. Volume-level backups capture the entire image of a specific volume of data

Volume level backup allows you to restore the entire computer volume, specific files or folders on the volume or bare metal recovery.

Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows backs up the contents of all volumes on your computer, including all volume data and Microsoft Windows OS system data such as system partitions and boot partitions.

Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows automatically includes the System Reserved partition in the backup scope when taking a backup of the system volume (the volume on which Microsoft Windows is installed). If necessary, you can exclude the System Reserved partition from the backup.

File Level Backup

Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows helps you create file-level backups so that you can restore personal files and folders you've added to the backup scope. The file-level backups capture only the contents of individual folders on the computer.

There are two types of file-level backups available in Veeam Agent for Windows:

  • You can specify individual folders to include in the backup. When you restore data from these backups, you can restore the selected folders, along with the content of the selected folders.
  • As a hybrid backup, you can select which folders and volumes to back up. When you recover from a hybrid backup, you will see the folders as well as the files and folders on the backed up volume.

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