Cisco Jabber, Cisco Spark : Competition to Skype for Business

Well most of the industries around the globe are emerging and they need such kind of Collaboration  solution that they can chat, can call ( audio and Video ) , receive voice messages, can have Outlook calendar synchronized with only one tool and the solution for this is as below :

Microsoft : Lync and now Skype for Business
Cisco : Jabber and Spark

If we are talking about the Business for Skype and Jabber they are almost have the same features like you can have chat within the enterprise network, you can even have the voice and video calls through the same application and can share your screen ( you can present your screen to multiple people and also can provide the control to remote user or vice versa  ) These kinds of applications can also share data or file to the remote user with having limited of at least 10 Mbps of size.

Fig 1.1- Skype for Business

You can enjoy the Business class IP voice and video telephony with IM and presence. Both these applications are integrated with Microsoft Office and web services like Web-ex ( Cisco ) in a enterprise network.

Fig 1.2- Cisco Jabber

So now what Cisco Spark is all about, Is that the same like Jabber, then are they going to merge both Jabber and Spark. Well Cisco is investing a lot on Spark as Spark is next generation Share-point with the existing features of Jabber. It allow specified users to access some private documents and also all participants can use all of Cisco UC and Collaboration tools like arrange A/V Conf between all of users or leave text message or Voice massage or invite all of participants to Web-ex conference with one button.

When replacing a legacy communication system the Cisco Spark service helps to replace disjointed experiences and scalability challenges. It could also be your last ever upgrade. This is a Key system or PBX replacement.

For anyone starting to outgrow their  communications, the Cisco Spark service provides all of the tools needed, simply and securely from the cloud. So that is what the Ad-hov voice solution for enterprise network.

Cisco Spark is totally a secure and a cloud based solution with number of advantages in the next generation collaboration experience to the world.

With Cisco Spark you get all the best Cisco collaboration services wrapped up in a complete service providing users a great experience regardless of location or device - enabling them to call, message, and meet with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Also because Cisco hosts the service in our cloud, all the services are always up to date with the latest market leading Cisco applications and services. 

Fig 1.3- Cisco Spark

Spark has been designed to promote active teamwork, with messaging, sharing, and providing teams somewhere virtual to meet. It also makes meeting more productive with a complete meeting life-cycle approach, with tools for before, during, and after meetings. 

Cisco Spark is coming to your doors to knockout the major share in the industry. Cisco Spark is excellent solution and may be in up coming time it will bypass the Microsoft voice solution like Skype for Business  But Yes Microsoft is one of the major competitor to Cisco in collaboration domain and still 60% of the market share in the collaboration. Most of the enterprise companies relying on Skype for Business