PaloAlto Networks: Restore the configuration from backup

 PaloAlto Networks: Restore the configuration from backup

Restore is the best way when you did something wrong in your configuration or you factory reset your Paloalto device. 

Backup File
The file is a .tgz file (tar archive) so ensure that you have the appropriate software installed on your system to handle this file type. (WinZip, WinRAR and 7zip will work.  

The configuration file will be named depends upon what you need to put as you are trying to restore along with the serial number.

Step 1: Once the configuration file has been extracted, you must import it to the appliance using the Import named configuration snapshot under Device > Setup > Operations 

Step 2: Load the newly imported configuration snapshot by using the Load named configuration snapshot option and click OK.

Step 3: Once the configuration has been loaded onto the appliance, you can review the configuration to ensure that:

  • The correct file has been loaded 
  • The settings you would like restored exist on the file.
  • You can review the configuration and make adjustments to it as needed

Step 4: Click on Commit once you have confirmed that the correct configuration file has been loaded.

Step 5: Execute your test plan to confirm that the unit is working properly and is operational.