Zscaler clarifies rumors confirms "No Impact"

 Zscaler clarifies rumors confirms "No Impact" 

Zscaler clarifies rumors confirms "No Impact"

A threat actor claimed to have stolen data from a significant cybersecurity company, but Zscaler responded with a statement on Wednesday stating that it “can confirm there is no impact or compromise” to its customer or corporate systems.

The cybersecurity provider stated that the only thing discovered during its inquiry was that a "isolated test environment" had been exposed to the internet; this environment did not contain any client data.

A screengrab released on X shows that the threat actor, IntelBroker, stated in a forum post that it would sell access to “one of the top cyber security businesses." According to Bleeping Computer, Zscaler was recognized as the company in question by the threat actor who was operating elsewhere.

Following a post made on X by a threat actor who claimed to "have potentially obtained unauthorized information from a cybersecurity company," Zscaler announced in its initial statement on Wednesday that it was looking into the matter.

Zscaler stated it can refute the rumors that the threat actor started in an update to the statement on Wednesday.

The response from the company stated, "Zscaler can confirm there is no impact or compromise to its customer, production, and corporate environments."

Zscaler stated, "Our investigation uncovered an isolated test environment on a single server that was exposed to the internet (without any client data). "The test environment lacked connectivity to Zscaler's environments and was not hosted on Zscaler infrastructure."

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