Cisco SD-WAN : CAT8300 with Bug CSCwb20082

Cisco SD-WAN : CAT8300 with Bug CSCwb20082

Cisco SD-WAN : CAT8300 with Bug CSCwb20082
Fig 1.1- Cisco SD-WAN : CAT8300 with Bug CSCwb20082

When you see you are hit with the Bug "CSCwb20082" which means its Flash disk full on your local router and you may encountered this problem where Hundreds of thousands of sdavc packs that never seem to be cleared out are filling up the router bootflash.  

Due to a shortage of storage space, this has so far resulted in one of our routers failing; the device was non-functional and the cEdge services would not start.  Because of these sdavc packs, we are observing another router that has now hit 100% use on the bootflash.

  • Model : C8300 SD-WAN Router
  • Version : 17.3.4

Lets check where is the problem on the router:
Step 1: Run the below command, See below in red eating your Flash Memory

NDNA_R1#show platform hardware qfp active feature nbar client function sci_cpr_non_batch_show_info
Non-graph batch sender info:
Non-graph batch sender info:
        is_initialized: TRUE
        is_batch_in_progress: TRUE
        num_of_batches_created: 16866
        num_of_batches_destroyed: 16865
        num_of_errs_not_initialized: 0
        num_of_errs_invalid_batch_pointer: 0
        num_of_errs_wrong_batch_id: 2486790
        num_of_errs_invalid_batch_state: 0
        num_of_errs_batch_in_progress: 0
        num_of_errs_msg_reset_failed: 0
        num_of_errs_failed_to_create: 0
        num_of_errs_invalid_batch: 0
        num_of_errs_failed_to_show_batch_info: 0
        num_of_errs_failed_to_destroy_batch: 0
        num_of_errs_invalid_msg_buffer: 0
        num_of_errs_failed_to_parse_header: 0
        num_of_errs_failed_to_process_msg: 2486790

Non-graph batch info:
batch_id: 16866
        total_num_of_msgs_in_batch: 0
        total_num_of_records_in_batch: 0
Step 2: Check on the pp_count on your router which seems high as well 

NDNA_R1#dir sdavc | count pp_update
Number of lines which match regexp = 11391
Step 3: Now check the Platform Resources with the below command to understand if the platform is healthy, warning or Critical. 

NDNA_R1#sh platform resources 
**State Acronym: H - Healthy, W - Warning, C - Critical                                             
Resource                 Usage                 Max             Warning         Critical        State
RP0 (ok, active)                                                                               H    
 Control Processor       14.34%                100%            80%             90%             H    
  DRAM                   4449MB(62%)           7065MB          88%             93%             H    
  bootflash              7045MB(97%)           7338MB          70%             90%             C    
  harddisk               797MB(6%)             14534MB         90%             95%             H    
ESP0(ok, active)                                                                               H    
 QFP                                                                                           H    
  DRAM                   260437KB(33%)         786432KB        85%             95%             H    
  IRAM                   207KB(10%)            2048KB          85%             95%             H    
  CPU Utilization        1.00%                 100%            90%             95%             H    
  B4Q Pool 124           7KB(0%)               1686KB          75%             85%             H    
  B4Q Pool 128           4KB(0%)               1740KB          75%             85%             H    
  B4Q Pool 256           9KB(0%)               3481KB          75%             85%             H    
  B4Q Pool 512           17KB(0%)              4177KB          75%             85%             H    
  B4Q Pool 1024          64KB(0%)              7736KB          75%             85%             H    
  B4Q Pool 1536          87KB(0%)              11247KB         75%             85%             H    
  B4Q Pool 2048          56KB(0%)              14744KB         75%             85%             H    
  B4Q Pool 4096          152KB(0%)             28696KB         75%             85%             H    
  B4Q Pool 8192          328KB(0%)             37704KB         75%             85%             H    
  B4Q Pool 16384         0KB(0%)               51808KB         75%             85%             H    
  B4Q PMD                38172KB(11%)          325248KB        75%             85%             H   
If you see above the bootflash memory is on 97% which is in Critical state as shown above. It may possible you will hit with the bug "CSCwb20082"

To fix, upgrade the router to the newer Version of 17.9.3a