Amplifying Productivity: Leveraging Cisco within Microsoft Teams Rooms

Amplifying Productivity: Leveraging Cisco within Microsoft Teams Rooms

Leveraging Cisco within Microsoft Teams Rooms

Cisco has made its collaboration devices compatible with Microsoft Teams Rooms. The industry was rocked by Cisco and Microsoft's extraordinary new partnership, and during the past six months, there has been a remarkable increase in interest in and use of this capability. 

The camera, audio, video, and hardware quality advantages of Microsoft Teams meetings are brought to Microsoft Teams meetings using a Cisco Microsoft Teams Rooms device. But when Microsoft Teams Rooms first came out, some use cases—integrations and customizations—that are very strong and well-liked by the Cisco Devices user base were not allowed. That has now been taken care of!

A Cisco device for Microsoft Teams can be dual registered with the Cisco Webex Control Hub and Microsoft Teams Admin Center administration platforms. Customers who register for the Control Hub will receive many beneficial features, including the ability to integrate ThousandEyes and Meraki with enhanced device management, occupancy, use, and environmental sensor analytics.

Additionally, clients and partners have access to a robust set of device and service APIs when they are connected to the Webex Cloud. Also compatible with Microsoft Teams Rooms devices are these APIs. An occupancy sensor event is one example: Users of Microsoft Teams Rooms can now take advantage of Cisco Device Sensor data.

With Cisco's RoomOS release in November, Microsoft Teams Rooms now have the Signage feature. This enables clients to use the Cisco devices to display any corporate web-based messaging when the devices are idle on the screens. 

Across all deployment types, the solution also permits interfaces with providers of signage, such as AppSpace and Cisco Spaces. Cisco's goal is to close the gaps between the Microsoft Teams and Cisco Rooms experiences so that users can switch between them without losing any functionality.

Must-Try Control Panel Extensions to Customize Your Microsoft Teams Rooms UI

Control Panel Extensions enabled customers to add UI extensions to Cisco equipment. UI extensions allow for customization and enable a framework to trigger macros and display panels on device screens. In both the Microsoft Teams and Cisco Rooms experiences, the Control Panel is launched with a right-side left swipe. 

Customers, integrators, and partners can create toggles, input fields, and slider panels using the same tools as for RoomOS customizations by adding UI extensions to the control panel.

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