Purpose of Cisco SDWAN image set as Default

Purpose of Cisco SDWAN image set as Default

A lot of you asked me a question on we upgrade the router in Cisco Catalyst SDWAN environment using Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN Manager (vManage) but why we are setting the same image as "Set default version" on the Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN Manager(vManage). 

On a Cisco SD-WAN device, a software image can be specified as the default image. After confirming that the software functions as intended on the device and in the network, it is advised to set the new image as default. The default image is loaded when the device boots up after a factory reset has been carried out.

In simple words, if by any chance you did the factory reset to the router, the router rebooted came up with the default version and in that case you will not lose the current version of image which is operating on the SDWAN router.

Do the factory reset with the CLI command below
NDNA_ISR8300#request platform software sdwan config reset

Once it is booted up you will see that you will lose all the configuration except your IOS-XE SDWAN image which you set it default.

Set the default image on Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN Manager (vManage)

Step 1: Login to the Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN Manager(vManage) and go to the software repository

Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN Manager(vManage)
Fig 1.2- Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN Manager(vManage)

Step 2: The current version changes but we didn’t change it to the default Version. Let’s change the default version now. Just select the device and click on the “Set Default Version”. Check below 

Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN Manager(vManage)
Fig 1.3- Set Default Version

Hope it clarifies the purpose of setting up the default version of the image and the importance of that in case we have factory reset.