Cisco Catalyst SDWAN policy Lockout in Edit mode

Cisco Catalyst SDWAN policy Lockout in Edit mode

What is Cisco SDWAN ?

SD-WAN so called Software Defined WAN solution, where control plane or management plane is separated from the physical devices, while in the Viptela solution we have following architecture, where we have data-plane on the physical devices (obviously), Control Plane by VSmart or VBond Management tool, Management Plane via VManage and Orchestration.

As per the new changes from Cisco, Below are the new names of the components

Cisco vManage ----> Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN Manager
Cisco vBond ---> Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN Validator
Cisco vSmart ----> Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN Controller

Here we are going to talk about the specific scenario or issue related to Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN, where a policy lockout occurs while editing & pushing the policies to vSmart.


We were trying to activate a centralized policy and in between we want something to be changed and when we were called off to pushed that policy we got the below message of "Failed to acquire lock, Template or Policy locked in edit mode"

Policy Locked in edit mode- Cisco SDWAN
Fig 1.2- Policy Locked in edit mode- Cisco SDWAN


This is something specifically for the user who logged at that time to push the policy. Let us suppose you are locked with the user "user:xyz1" so you will not able to push the policy as you see this message of policy or template lock.

To resolve this issue, you can log out the user and login with the other user "user: admin" or may be with the other user "user: abc1" to push the policy

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