VMware "code" Hackathon 2023

The VMware "code" Hackathon will be back at VMware Explore in 2023, according to VMware. The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada will host the live event this year.

VMware "code" Hackathon 2023

What is hackathon?

A hackathon is a timed intensive cooperation in which groups of people collaborate on technological development, usually software. In the instance of the VMware code Hackathon, teams mostly worked on operations-related development projects. Updating vCheck script, visualizing VMware-based telemetry, autoscaling vSphere groups, generating vSphere DSC resources, and testing NSX.

Given that the audience was mostly composed of people who were operations-focused, this was effective. Not a single real "developer" here. Without a doubt, I felt much more at ease in this group than in one that was predominately programmer-focused. 

VMware "code" Hackathon

This is a chance for anybody working in the VMware ecosystem to spend an evening with colleagues and peers from across the world to hack on intriguing challenges, prototype new solutions, and create new connections!

There are literally millions of software development opportunities to cooperate on, regardless of your coding expertise or VMware technologies (vSphere, vSAN, VMware Cloud, Tanzu, and more). The Hackathon is being held as an Open Hack this year. A team captain will lead the team and propose the team's aim, topic, and technology focus.

What you will gonna achieve ?

I believe that working with others who share my interests and attempting to create something together has been really gratifying. Team members supported one another, offering assistance when they could while concentrating on providing their contribution to the overall solution. A few inquisitive walk-ins were also there. 

People who weren't on a team but were curious about the competition, wanted to learn more, and wanted to help out a little.

Tentative dates

Key DatesHackathon Agenda
May 15VMware {code} Hackathon 2023 announcement
May 15–July 15Call For Papers: registration for new Hackathon teams, new team members and proposals (remember to send us your photos and bios) 
July 15–20Last call for registration 
July 21Coding kickoff for all teams
July 21–August 20Weekly team meetups/Zoom calls
August 21 Hackathon presentation day! Includes final coding, demos, judging, winner announcements with team photos and closing celebration

Enjoy the day on the coding and Learn, participate and collaborate with the people. Good luck guys