Introducing PaloAlto Cloud NGFW for Azure: Your Cloud Security

Introducing PaloAlto Cloud NGFW for Azure: Your Cloud Security

You're running many apps on the cloud, and they're all coexisting peacefully and working together at breakneck speed. But hold on! Are they safe? Enter PaloAlto Cloud NGFW for Azure, the ML next-generation firewall that is come to rescue the day!

Cloud NGFW, delivered as a cloud-native service, acts as a network security superhero, swooping in to safeguard your applications from troublesome cyber criminals. Cloud NGFW protects your applications with best-in-class security and seamless integration with cloud providers' varied service offerings.

The Cloud NGFW Palo Alto Networks is the first ISV to have a fully integrated next-generation firewall service on Azure. This service, developed in partnership between Microsoft and Palo Alto Networks, combines the cutting-edge security capabilities of Palo Alto Networks NGFW technology with the ease and convenience of cloud-native scaling and management.  

Introducing PaloAlto Cloud NGFW for Azure: Your Cloud Security
Fig 1.1- Cloud NGFW PaloAlto

NGFWs provide improved network security by outperforming conventional firewalls in terms of functionality. Deep packet inspection, increased visibility and control features, and the use of AI to improve threat detection and response are examples of these. 

Power #1: Minimal Infrastructure Management
Its cloud-native approach reduces the need for manual management, allowing you to focus on what really matters and it is your apps. Stops zero-day, web-based threats in real-time.

Power #2: Stopping Zero-Day Threats in Their Tracks
Real-time protection against zero-day and web-based threats is no joke, and Cloud NGFW has got your back. With its ML-driven intelligence, it's like having a personal bodyguard for your applications that never takes a break.

Power #3: Securing Connections to Legitimate Services
Sometimes, even the good guys can be tricked into connecting with the wrong crowd. Cloud NGFW ensures your applications only connect to legitimate web-based services, keeping them safe from harm's way.

Power #4: Simplifying Cloud Provider Experience
Juggling multiple accounts and policies can be a headache, but Cloud NGFW streamlines the process. It simplifies firewall policy management across various accounts, making it easy to maintain consistency and control.

Power #5: Automating Workflows
Nobody likes repetitive, manual tasks, and neither does Cloud NGFW. With support for API, ARM templates, and Terraform, it automates end-to-end workflows, making your life a whole lot easier.

The Cloud NGFW for Azure includes the following capabilities:

  • Deployment and administration in the cloud. Enable next-generation firewall capabilities in your Azure environment while easily managing day 0 and day N operations on Cloud NGFW resources, just like any other Azure service. To govern Cloud NGFW resources, utilize Azure role-based access control (RBAC).
  • Control and visibility of advanced applications. Using App-ID and URL filtering methods, Cloud NGFW provides sophisticated application awareness and access control.
  • Threat prevention for the next generation. Palo Alto Networks NGFW features include cloud-delivered security services and threat prevention signatures, which are available across the physical and software installed base.

Using proprietary App-ID traffic categorization technology, the Cloud NGFW prevents web-based assaults, vulnerabilities, exploits, and other known evasions, including sophisticated file-based attacks.

Secures traffic across trust boundaries, such as Azure VNet's and vWANs. Cloud NGFW's managed service prevents attackers from getting access to resources and prevents data exfiltration and command-and-control (C2) communications. It is designed to prevent unauthorized or east-west lateral movement. 

Cloud NGFW is designed to satisfy network security needs simply, with rulestack setting and automatic security profiles, and an easy user interface that enables the construction of resilient firewall resources that grow with your network traffic.

With Gateway Load Balancing (GWLB) for on-demand high availability and elastic scalability, it incorporates an automated cloud firewall approach that dynamically grows with your network traffic and fulfils unpredictable throughput demands. You have access to as much or as little capacity as you demand, and you may scale up and down as needed.

Integrates security with cloud provider-managed processes. You can skip lengthy deployment processes and get up and running quickly with Cloud NGFW, the only next-generation firewall to interface with cloud providers, even while building up needed rulestacks and automated security profiles. 

You may use the cloud provider's security architecture while integrating with its onboarding, monitoring, and logging capabilities. When interfacing with cloud providers, cloud NGFW offers a distinct advantage. You may benefit from autonomous scaling and high availability while requiring minimal maintenance. This connection allows for the control of firewall policies across various cloud provider accounts.