Part 1 : Introduction to Versa SD-Security

Part 1 :  Introduction to Versa SD-Security

When it comes to network security, businesses can't afford to take any chances. Hackers are constantly coming up with new and more advanced ways to infiltrate networks, making it essential for companies to have a comprehensive security system in place. 

That's where Versa Software Defined Security (SD-Security) comes in, providing a cutting-edge solution to protect against threats both basic and advanced.

Introduction to Versa SD-Security
Fig 1.1- Introduction to Versa SD-Security

What Can You Expect from Versa SD-Security?

  • Next Generation Firewall: Keep your network safe with a firewall that can detect and block suspicious traffic before it even reaches your system.
  • URL Filtering: Ensure that your employees aren't accessing harmful or inappropriate websites while on the clock.
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention: With Versa SD-Security, you'll have the ability to detect and prevent cyber attacks in real-time.

But what really sets Versa SD-Security apart is the fact that all of these features are available in a single software image. No more juggling multiple systems or trying to make different security programs work together. 

With Versa, you can easily enable or disable specific features on a per tenant or per branch basis, giving you complete control over your network security.

Components of Versa SD-Security

So, what makes up the Versa SD-Security solution? Let's break it down:

Versa Director: This is your one-stop-shop for configuration, management, and orchestration. With Versa Director, you can easily provision, configure, and manage physical or virtual FlexVNF appliances using a user-friendly GUI or Restful APIs.

Versa FlexVNF: This is where the magic happens. The physical or virtual network appliance performs all of the SD-Security functions for the traffic traversing the Versa FlexVNF.

Versa Analytics: With Versa Analytics, you'll have access to big-data insights that can help you make informed decisions about your network security. This system collects network and security logs from various FlexVNF appliances in a deployment and displays advanced analytics, dashboards, and reports.

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