Introduction to Fatpipe Network SDWAN

Introduction to Fatpipe Network SDWAN

FATPIPE SD-WAN is a software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) solution offered by Fatpipe Networks. It is designed to provide businesses with a way to improve the performance, security, and reliability of their wide area networks.

Fig 1-1- Fatpipe Network SDWAN

Some of the key features of FATPIPE SD-WAN include:

Multi-path routing: FATPIPE SD-WAN uses a patented multi-path routing technology that allows it to dynamically balance traffic across multiple WAN connections, in order to optimize performance and reduce downtime.

Quality of Service (QoS): The solution allows for prioritizing different types of traffic, such as voice, video and data, in order to ensure that mission-critical applications are given priority over less important traffic.

Network security: FATPIPE SD-WAN includes a range of security features, such as VPN, firewall and intrusion prevention, to help protect the network from threats.

Centralized management: FATPIPE SD-WAN includes a centralized management system that allows administrators to easily monitor and manage the network from a single location.

Integration: The solution allows customers to integrate with other security and networking solutions, such as firewalls, VPNs, and load balancers, to provide a comprehensive networking solution.

Mobility: Fatpipe SD-WAN, supports mobile VPN and mobile routing features, which allows organizations to extend their corporate networks to employees, contractors and partners, providing secure access to company’s resources regardless of location.

FATPIPE SD-WAN is designed to help businesses improve the performance, security, and reliability of their wide area networks, by providing multi-path routing, Quality of Service, security, centralize management and integration capabilities.

This allows customers to connect their branches and remote offices to the main office, cloud services or SaaS applications, providing a reliable and secure connection, while optimizing the performance of their applications and services.