Complete collaboration tool : Cisco Webex Suite

Complete collaboration tool : Cisco Webex Suite

Cisco Webex Suite is a set of collaboration tools that simplify communication and collaboration between companies and their colleagues, customers, and partners. A variety of tools are included in the Cisco Webex Suite, including the Cisco Webex Meetings, the Cisco Webex Teams, the Cisco Webex Calling, and the Cisco Webex Control Hub.

Fig 1.1- Complete collaboration tool : Cisco Webex Suite

Webex Calling
Webex Calling a cloud-based phone system that enables companies to control their phone system and place and receive calls from any location. Cisco WebEx Calling is the safe and convenient way to conduct business in the modern world where we work from anywhere, including our homes, offices, and mobile offices. 

Calling, which is used every day by 39 million users globally, combines meetings, messaging, and contact center into the calling experience. 

With strong VoIP calling features and single-pane-of-glass management, it offers enterprise-class experiences while giving you performance and control at scale. Additionally, Calling makes it simple to move to the cloud user by user, site by site, or location by location.

Webex Meetings
Webex Meetings is a platform for video conferencing that enables companies to arrange conferences and give presentations to clients, partners, and coworkers.

Webex Meetings is redefining the modern meeting experience by utilizing smarter video conferencing to address hybrid work challenges. Webex Meetings makes real-time collaboration interactive and engaging.

It boosts productivity with AI-powered features that help teams get more done in meetings. It also enables inclusive teamwork by breaking down collaboration barriers across environments, languages, abilities, and personalities.

Webex Messaging
You require communications that supports collaboration whenever and wherever to keep work moving ahead in between sessions.

With cutting-edge features for group messaging, file sharing, whiteboarding, and more, Webex Messaging enables connections before, during, or after meetings. You can collaborate with anyone inside or outside your company using this tool from the same location. 

Additionally, it enables cross-application collaboration by enabling you to use many of your preferred programmer and co-edit documents without ever leaving Webex.

Webex Events
Webex Events enables you to easily create high production value events whether you're organizing a virtual, hybrid, multiday, or in-person event. You may increase production value with personalized banners, logos, overlays, and backgrounds thanks to flexible streaming. 

A better experience and higher event value are made possible by features like real-time translations, polls, and customized mobile event apps.

Additionally, managing everything from event registration and ticketing to attendee interaction, sponsorship, and post-event follow up is made easier by using a single event management platform.

Slido in Webex
Slido is a Webex audience engagement platform that offers new opportunities for everyone to participate, share, and stay involved. By enabling participants to connect at scale, Slido's next-generation polling and Q&A features can energies your audience and foster genuine engagement. 

By democratizing debate and enabling you to gather audience feedback to enhance decision-making, it promotes an inclusive culture. Additionally, it encourages team bonding, fosters transparency, and increases trust between managers and workers, all of which contribute to stronger relationships.

What industries think to make complete collaboration tool in their environment ?

Businesses may simply access and manage a complete range of collaboration tools with the help of the widely used Cisco Webex Suite, which is offered as a cloud-based service. Businesses can use it to enhance their communication and teamwork skills, and it can be connected with other Cisco services.

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