Briefing on VMware Aria: A multi-cloud management & VMware Aria Graph

Briefing on VMware Aria: A multi-cloud management & VMware Aria Graph

As part of VMware Aria, VMware offers a set of end-to-end solutions for managing infrastructure and cloud-native applications in terms of cost, performance, configuration, and delivery.

A graph-based data store technology, VMware Aria Graph, is behind VMware Aria, a platform for capturing the complexity of multicloud environments.

Cloud-native apps are managed in VMware Tanzu platform by VMware Aria, which complements and extends DevSecOps and lifecycle management functions.

Cloud-native and multi-cloud management is now available in three categories with VMware Aria: VMware Aria Cost powered by Cloud Health, VMware Aria Operations, and VMware Aria Automation.

It's been a hot topic since VMware Aria Hub powered by VMware Aria Graph was introduced in August 2022, and this SaaS-based multicloud management tool is making a big splash.

In order to harmonies the various vRealize Suite products (vROps, vRA, vRLI, vRNI, and others), VMware Aria has been developed from the ground up. Customers will be able to use a single platform with a shared data model to consistently deploy and manage apps, infrastructure, and platform services across private, hybrid, and multiple clouds.

Lets check below the VMware multi-cloud briefing December 2022 to get the more insights about the VMware Aria and VMware Aria Graph.

VMware Aria Graph
A centralized view and control for managing all of your multi-cloud environments were introduced at VMworld 2021 as Project Ensemble.

An essential component of VMware Aria's new public cloud management capabilities is VMware Aria Graph, a graph-based data store for capturing resources and relationships across multiple clouds.

A single source of truth that is constantly updated is provided by VMware Aria Graph, the software especially designed for the operational challenges of cloud-native applications. Customers will have access to VMware Aria Graph through VMware Aria Hub.

VMware Aria Graph's main features include

  • Data can be aggregated from any source using a federated and modular architecture and Nodes can scale up to hundreds of millions
  • Ensures teams work efficiently and make better decisions by aligning operational data on a single, holistic source of truth.
  • A highly scalable platform that supports cloud-native environments
  • An essential part of understanding dependencies is capturing these many-to-many relationships in a graph data store
  • In order to perform root cause analysis, it is critical to be able to view historical configurations
  • Developers and operations teams can both consume GraphQL APIs with ease
  • Multi-cloud environments can be accessed via a single, consistent, dev-friendly interface
  • Access to data is incredibly quick and effective with precise GraphQL queries.
  • Collection based on events and supports rapid changes
  • The full granularity of the data is captured
  • Every time there is a change, it is captured
  • Third-party data can be layered onto the plug-and-play approach

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