Part 1: Introduction to Cisco Secure Workload (Cisco Tetration)

Introduction to Cisco Secure Workload (Cisco Tetration)

Cisco Secure Workload (Cisco Tetration) Analytics provides application behavior-based policy lifecycle management for Cisco Tetration Platform to help address critical data center operational use cases

To address critical operational use cases, Cisco Tetration Analytics allows the administrator to gain complete visibility into traffic flows across your data center, in real-time. 

Fig 1.1- Cisco Secure Workload

The evolution of virtualization technologies, container adoption, and workload mobility in modern data centers are driving rapid application deployments and constant change in communication patterns between components of the applications.

Data centers must also maintain an ultra-available network without interruptions. This dynamic shift implies three primary challenges:

  • An inability to see how applications behave and their dependencies
  • Application white-list policy does not allow for a zero-trust model
  • Compliance audits, deviation detection and forensics cannot be performed in real-time

Cisco has introduced Tetration Analytics, a platform that leverages advanced big-data technologies including unsupervised machine learning, behavioral analysis and intelligent algorithms to address these challenges. This platform is designed to provide

  • Real-time pervasive visibility at line rate across all flows within datacenter
  • Complete view of an application and its behavior
  • Consistent whitelist policy lifecycle management to support today’s data center infrastructure

Designed to support both brownfield and greenfield data centers, this solution utilizes low overhead hardware or software sensors.