Palo Alto Prisma SDWAN 5.6 Release with 5G & CloudBlades

PaloAlto Networks-Prisma SDWAN 5.6

Palo Alto Networks release Prisma 5.6 with ADEM for Remote networks, Integrated 5G SD-WAN appliances, Enhanced AlOps Dashboards and CloudBlades intergration apart from the earlier release of Prisma SDWAN 5.5 with artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) platform capabilities.

Fig 1.1- Prisma SDWAN 5.6 Release

What's new with the Prisma SDWAN 5.6 Release ?
Palo Alto Networks working hard on SDWAN solution and with the new release of 5.6 they are come up major four new features and with improved dashboard views

  • ADEM for Remote networks
  • Integrated 5G SD-WAN appliances
  • Enhanced AlOps Dashboards
  • CloudBlades intergration

ADEM for Remote networks
ADEM stands for Autonomous Digital Experience Management. the purpose of the ADEM is to monitor end user experience and provide segment wise insights across the entire application delivery path. In other words you can say that ADEM provides native end-to-end visibility and insights into the entire service delivery path.

Integrated 5G SD-WAN appliances
Paloalto Networks added ION 1200 in the ION family which supports 5G networks. With the new ION 1200 device You can have SDWAN with SASE  deployment to branch offices using 5G connectivity with LTE backup.

Enhanced AlOps Dashboards
Dashboard is added with new AlOps features like audit logs, Application utility with trends, device status, Alarms as defined by user, WAN circuit health status, View of all brances and Media performance stats.

CloudBlades intergration
Here CloudBlades integration means the Extensible API based third part intergration with Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Service Now. these third part API architecture are automatic deployments.