2x Cisco Champion now ( 2020, 2021)

2x Cisco Champion now !
Cisco Champion 2020
Cisco Champion 2021

Today, I received an e-mail from Lauren Friedman (Cisco Champion) and congratulating me on being selected for the Cisco Champion 2021. I am so excited and glad that I am the part of such an awesome Cisco Champion Program.

It is a amazing news that I am selected as a Cisco Champion. Helping and trying to put together valuable technical content which of course takes a lot of work and time commitment but with the appreciation I am happy that i am able to share the information and the solutions to my followers of this blog. 

The contribution and the dedication to help people and share the knowledge on cisco products and solutions put me through Cisco Champion program. I am really excited for this news.

Make sure if you want to be part of the Cisco Champion program as you contribute on technical front in various forums or through your blogs, please follow Cisco Champion Twitter account as next announcement will be there for 2022 Cisco Champion program. Best of luck !

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