The Launch of Cisco UCS X-Series for Hybrid and Multicloud environment

The news came with the new launch of Cisco UCS X-series compute platform for the next generation Hybrid and multicloud environments.

As we see the trends, the big guns pushing hard on datacenters, clouds and edge compute infrastructure. Cisco wants their customer to transform their data center operations as they move more resources to the cloud, according to executives and partners. 

Cisco also confirms the Cisco UCS X-series integration with its cloud operations platform Cisco Intersight.

Fig 1.1- Cisco UCS X9508 Chassis

The new Cisco UCS X-Series has been designed with hybrid data center operations in mind, including across multiple public cloud environments. 

The new rack and blade systems are ready for the next decade of industry innovation in processors, accelerators and computing interconnects, said Todd Nightingale, senior vice president and general manager of Cisco’s Enterprise Networking and Cloud Business.

Cisco UCS X-Series platform a Game-Changing in hybrid cloud?
A single server type supporting a broader range of workloads which includes, Virtualized workloads, Private cloud, Enterprise applications, Database management systems, Infrastructure applications, Cloud-native applications, In-memory databases, Big data clusters and GPU-accelerated AI/ML workloads.

Cisco said that UCS X Series chassis has a resource pool of over 600 cores today and headroom for the high-powered components you’ll need over the coming decade. 

It uses X-Fabric technology connects these resource pools together, and operates at Nano second latency, enabling over 35 million IOPs of traffic and easy future proof upgrades to emerging fabrics like CXL, optical interconnects and whatever else is coming. WOW ....

Want to listen more about the UCS X-series, join the webinar below on 

Tuesday, June 15, 2021 10:00AM Pacific Time

Products in Cisco UCS X-series?
Cisco UCS X210c M6 Compute Node
Cisco UCS X9508 Chassis

We will come up with the next article to highlight the capability and the features of Cisco UCS X210c M6 Compute Node and Cisco UCS X9508 Chassis