Overview of Nexus 9K NX-OSv

Today we are going to talk about programmability and open system of Nexus 9K NX-OSv.

What is Cisco N9K NX-OSv?
A simulation platform that runs N9K NX-OS as a virtual machine. It runs same binary that runs on the N9K platform. It abstracts N9K hardware specific code: hybrid SUP+LC with 9 virtual interfaces. It uses a software data-plane.

When you say NS-OSv, it doesn't mean that it is a replacement for N9K physical platform.

Supported hypervisors
ESX, KVM, VirtualBox, Fusion

Benefits of Model-Driven Programmability

  • Model based, structured, computer friendly
  • Multiple model types (native, OpenConfig, IETF, etc.)
  • Models decoupled from transport, protocol and encoding
  • Choice of transport, protocol and encoding
  • Model-driven APIs for abstraction and simplification
  • Wide standard support while leveraging open source
Fig 1,1- Cisco N9k NX-OSv

OpenNXOS, introduced enhancements across all the different infrastructure layers of our software, specifically:

  • Leveraging server bootstrap and provisioning infrastructure for switching deployment(PXE Boot Servers, RPM/YUM Installation Servers for software agent installation)
  • Third Party Application agent integration natively into NX-OS – Chef & Puppet, open source tools like Ganglia, Tcollector, Nagios, Collectd, etc.
  • Ability to build your own applications using our SDK and install as RPMs, and run natively in NXOS similar to other NXOS processes
  • Leverage the power of CLI based and Object Based NXAPI for programmatic automation of your switching infrastructure.
  • Leverage the ability to manage and leverage linux based toolset for switching infrastructure.