Palo Alto Prisma SDWAN 5.5 Release with AlOps

 As CloudGenix is acquired by Palo Alto Networks and then rebranded to Palo Alto Prisma SDWAN solution. Now new enhancements with new AIOps features on Palo Alto Networks Prisma SD-WAN making them towards next generation SDWAN solution as per the Gartner reports. 

Palo Alto Networks release Prisma 5.5 ( a new release) with artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) platform capabilities.

Fig 1.1- Prisma SDWAN 5.5 Release

What's new with the Prisma SDWAN 5.5 Release ?
Palo Alto Networks working hard on SDWAN solution and with the new release of 5.5 they are come up major two new features and with improved dashboard views

  • Telemetry exporting to third-party collectors
  • Event correlation and analysis using AIOps

Telemetry exporting to third-party collectors
What this feature actually means? we knew sometimes we says that multi-vendor environment should be better to get more visibilities in the network environment and most of the vendors only talk about the integrations with their own products. 

Palo Alto Prisms SDWAN solution come up with new feature from where you can export device telemetry such as application and network health metrics to third-party collectors for further analysis.


Now you can get advanced reporting metrics and system metadata to deepen their analysis in their network operations.

Event correlation and analysis using AIOps
With the help of this feature, we can minimized the number of alarms to a single event. The policy control on event correlation and analysis provides administrator with the better control over events generated on your network with automatic prioritization.

The new features significantly improves network operations, capacity planning and the system automatically correlates alarms to find the source of the issue and, where possible, automate the resolution to the problem as per Palo Alto Prisma SDWAN sources.

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