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Cisco Viptela SDWAN : Speed test via vManage Vs via CLI - Why differ ?

Today I am going to talk about speed test on the WAN circuit used on Cisco Viptela SDWAN circuits. As you know Cisco vManage uses iPerf to test the circuit with the upload and download speed on the specific WAN circuit but the issue is the maximum bandwidth or speed which vManage can detect is up to 250 Mbps. 

Now the question is if we have the circuit whose bandwidth is more than 250 Mbps then ? Let us suppose we have the circuit with the bandwidth of 1 Gbps then how we can test the speed of the circuit ?

First of all, let's see how to check the speed test on one of the WAN circuit of the vEdge 

Step 1: Login to the vManage with your credentials, Click on Cisco vManage --> Monitor --> Network--> BR1-CEDGE1 as shown below

Fig 1.1 - cEdge search on vManage

Once you clicked on the network as shown above, you will see the below image where you see all vEdges. 

Fig 1.2- cEdge/vEdge devices

Step 2: Now as you clicked on the exact cEdge or vEdge, Drag mouse downwards and see the option troubleshooting.

Fig 1.3- Troubleshooting on vManage

You will be the above image and click on the speed test on the right side. Once you clicked on the speed test, you will see the below image 

Fig 1.4- Speed test via vManage

As we select the different variable to see the speed test between two sites and the result shows not more than 250 Mbps while we have configured speed on the interface is 1000 Mbps. So what .. We can test the speed via CLI on the vEdge or cEdge to get the actual speed getting on the WAN circuit. 

Let's see how to do that. 

BR1-CEDGE1# tools iperf vpn 10 options "-c -u -b 1000000000"

So now we run above command to check the speed let me explain you what we are using here

  • : Loopback IP address of BR2-CEDGE2 ( other end cEdge device)
  • 1000000000 : The bandwidth in bps which is equal to 1000 Mbps.

So the output shows as below 

So you can see that we are getting the exact speed of 896 Mbps up and 816 Mbps down while using this command on the cEdge device while on the vManage it is showing 202 Mbps up and 211 Mbps down. 

Make sure whenever you are going to check the speed on the device with the high bandwidth always check with the CLI command reference as shown above to get the real speed getting on the WAN circuit.

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