How to upgrade the database password on Cisco Viptela vManage through CLI

 Today I am going to talk about the db password change on vManage via CLI. The question is why we are changing the password for the database ? As some of you get the message popped up there on the vManage screen as shown below:

"Error Message : configuration database administrator username and password is default and less secure. User is advised to update it. To know more on how to update it"

Fig 1.1- vManage Screen with db error message

This is something which you can ignore as well but if you want to change the password you should go through the below step one by one. It is straight forward and very simple but make sure the changes should be done in the maintenance window. The reason why we have to choose the maintenance window because we need to stop nms application server which is running on vManage in order to do the changes. 

Now its time to login to the vManage via CLI, You can use Putty or SecureCRT to login vManage via Ssh as shown below

Login to vManage ( via Putty

Step 1: Check the version of your vManage 

vManage# sh ver

Step 2: Once login, now second thing is you need to stop the nms application services on the vManage and run below command. Use request nms application-server stop  to stop application servers on all Cisco vManage servers.

vManage# request nms application-server stop

Step 3: Check the db Password and username as shown with the below command

vManage# request nms configuration-db get-admin-user

So "NETWORKDNA" is username and "Hellboy" is password of your db currently.

Step 4: In our case we have vManage ver is 20.3.2, so we can use the below command 

vManage# request nms configuration-dbupdate-admin-user
Enter current username: NETWORKDNA
Enter current userpassword: Hellboy
Enter new username: NETWORKSBASELINE
Enter new userpassword: REDBATCH

In case you have the vManage ver is 20.1.1 or earlier, you can use below command

vManage# request nms configuration-db update-admin-user username NETWORKDNA password Hellboy newusername NETWORKSBASELINE newpassword REDBATCH

Step 5: As you changed your db password now, its time to restart your nms application server 

vManage# request nms application-server restart

Your Username and password change from "NETWORKDNA":"Hellboy" to "NETWORKSBASELINE":"REDBATCH"

Check for this statement as well
Cisco Bug: CSCvu73103 - vManage should prompt for new password without asking for default password if default password used

Study this bug :