Basics: VPN Types

Today we are going to discuss on the types of the VPN used. As in our earlier article we talked about the SSL VPN ( Clientless, thin client, full tunnel and Split tunnel). All these are part of Remote access VPN. We have another VPN is called as Site to site VPN. Lets discuss both in short as below

Site to Site VPN:
Site-to-Site VPN is used to connect multiple devices in a remote site to the local site. Tunnel endpoints are configured on routers or security appliance devices at each site. The protocol used is IPSEC with tunnel mode in Site to Site VPN. 

Fig 1.1- Site to Site VPN

⭐ Note: No client configuration is required on individual hosts in each site.

Remote access VPN:
Remote access VPN is used to connect remote office users to connect to the corporate office network. The tunnel endpoint is defined on the client on one end, and a router or security appliance at the site. Remote access VPNs can use either IPSec or SSL VPN.

Fig 1.2- Remote Access VPN - Full Tunnel SSL VPN

For remote access VPN you can go through the below link to understand more with the types and the operations
Quick start on Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) VPN