All about the POE, POE+ and UPOE Cisco devices

All about the POE, POE+ and UPOE Cisco devices 

Today I am going to talk about Cisco UPOE. Before we are going to discuss about the Cisco UPOE we will run through POE and POE+

Cisco POE : Cisco POE means Power over Ethernet by which you can provide the power to the endpoint in the LAN infrastructure. So now question is where and why we required POE in the LAN infrastructure. Well sometimes we have the infrastructure where we have some power issues or cabling issues while extending the power to the IP phones. The best to provide the power via LAN network POE switch.

All about the POE, POE+ and UPOE Cisco devices
Fig 1.1- Cisco POE, POE+ and UPOE

IP telephones need power for operation, and Power over Ethernet supports scalable, manageable power delivery and simplifies IP telephony deployments. As wireless networking emerged, Power over Ethernet began powering wireless devices in locations where local power access did not exist.

As per the Cisco offers a comprehensive range of 802.3af-based Power over Ethernet support across the Cisco Catalyst Intelligent Switching portfolio which includes both 10/100/1000 and 10/100 PoE LAN connections, including a 96-port 10/100 PoE module for the Cisco Catalyst 6500 Switch.

Well Cisco 802.3af-compliant Power over Ethernet products support pre-standard PoE implementation. These products are backwards compatible with Cisco existing end devices, such as IP telephones and wireless access points.

Additionally, Cisco Catalyst Intelligent Switches deliver Intelligent Power Management capabilities beyond the optional IEEE Power Classification feature. They support granular, optimized, scalable power delivery, for more efficient power management.

As per the Vendor white papers, With the help of Cisco POE switches, you can provide up to maximum of 15W of power to port.

Cisco POE+ :  
After successfully introducing the POE in the market, then there is another concept to provide more power to the end points and come up with the POE+, which states as Enhanced power over ethernet. 

As per the Cisco, Its a new innovation for the campus communications fabric that enables new network solutions by making it simpler to deploy new technologies, and by offering more flexible options for deploying those technologies. This accelerates deployment of applications and services, thus maximizing investment protection.

Switches that support Cisco Enhanced PoE use Cisco Discovery Protocol to auto-negotiate a power level in excess of 15.4W per port. The Cisco Enhanced PoE switch informs the powered device (PD) of the power level it is capable of providing, and the powered device then selects the appropriate power level. 

Cisco Enhanced PoE is supported on a range of switches across the entire Catalyst switching portfolio, including the Catalyst 6500, the Catalyst 4500 E-Series, the Catalyst 3750-E and Catalyst 3560-E switch portfolios.

As per the Vendor white papers, With the help of Cisco POE+ switches, you can provide up to maximum of 30W of power to port.

Cisco UPOE : Now after POE+ concept, we have another enhancements to the technology and Cisco comes with the new concept called as UPOE which they are now offering in the Cisco 3850 and Cisco catalyst 9k new switch series which they introduced 2 months back in July 2017.

UPOE means the universal Power over Ethernet, well in the modern world Cisco continues to innovate to deliver Universal PoE (UPOE) technology with up to 60 watt power to enable even broader endpoint support, with additional benefits of higher availability, lower OpEx, and faster deployment.

Cisco UPOE simplifies network infrastructures and delivers lower total cost of ownership for connected environments such as virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), financial trading floor, enterprise workspace, conference rooms, hospitality guest suites, and retail. Partnerships with industry leaders and in-house development together have resulted in a variety of end devices that are compatible with Cisco UPOE

As per the Vendor white papers, With the help of Cisco UPOE switches, you can provide up to maximum of 60W of power to port.