Container Service in Alibaba Cloud

 Today we are going to talk about the Container Service in Alibaba Cloud. As most of you already knew that Container service uses container orchestration

services that simplify container management and application scaling. Both services replace the need to install, operate, and scale your container cluster infrastructure.

Fig 1,1- Container Services in Alibaba Cloud

With the help of Alibaba Cloud Container Service, we can efficiently run and manage Docker applications on a distributed cluster of Alibaba Cloud ECS instances

What is a container service?
Container Service is a service by which the users can deploy, manage, and expand Docker containers with ease. As we are talking about the Alibaba Cloud Container Service, it supports App lifecycle management using Docker containers and provides a variety of Application publishing methods and continuous delivery capabilities. 

It also supports microservice architecture and integrates with Server Load Balancer, Security Group, Cloud Disk, and Resource Access Management. 

Alibaba Cloud Container Service provides an Container registry hosted by Alibaba Cloud and allowing access to official Alibaba Cloud images and those of Docker, and enables accelerated access to official Docker images.

Alibaba Cloud Container Service is free of charge and the resources used in collaboration with Container Server which includes the Server Load Balancer and ECS are charged separately. ECS instances or Server Load Balancer instances automatically created from the Container Service or manually added are billed by their respective prices.