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Silver-Peak SDWAN: Link bonding & Secure Internet Breakout

Today I am going to talk about the Link bonding and Secure Internet Breakout which gives the highest quality of experience for end-users.

Link Bonding in Silver-Peak SDWAN Solution

Silver Peak has unique technologies in providing predictable performance over any link including broadband. 

Fig 1.1- Silver-Peak SDWAN Link Bonding

It is based on adaptive tunnel bonding with forward error correction and packet order correction. 
  • With a few simple clicks in the Unity Orchestrator, IT defines the quality of experience policy (WAN Path, QoS, SLA, WAN Opt) for applications.
  • Once defined, packets are distributed across the defined transports (tunnel bonding) with adaptive parity packets to correct for dropped or lost packets
  • Packets are reassembled, corrected for packet loss and accelerated on egress (without the need for re-transmission). 
Packet level load balancing optimizes bandwidth utilization, increases availability. 

Goal: End result consistent quality of experience for users. 

Secure Internet Breakout in Silver-Peak SDWAN

With EdgeConnect at the WAN edge, you are able to create a thin branch where necessary functions such as a stateful firewall, routing, SD-WAN and WAN Opt (as needed) is in one device. 

More complex and sophisticated security functions are carried out outside of the branch with EdgeConnect elegantly service chaining and intelligently steering each application in real-time based on business intent and security policies. 

Fig 1.2- Secure Internet Gateway with Silver-Peak SDWAN

As the only solution that can identify 10,000+ applications on the first packet (we call this First-Packet iQ), we can immediately direct traffic over the appropriate link getting the highest performance and optimal bandwidth utilization. 

If you were to deploy other SD-WAN solutions, they can not automatically identify traffic on the first packet. The only way they can steer applications directly to the internet on an individual application basis is to manually create commands based on IP addresses. 

This limits the number of applications they can granularly identify and steer and if IP addresses are added or changed, it requires a manual fix. This will ultimately impact performance. Silver Peak’s First-Packet iQ addresses the limitations of other SD-WAN products. 

In addition, we are the only provider that improves application performance by using our unique tunnel bonding and path conditioning (forward error correction and packet order correction) to maintain application SLAs even during brownouts or blackouts. 

Other solutions have to route around problems, reducing the ability to use lower cost broadband links. And, again, the unique, integrated WAN Optimization option, Boost accelerates those applications that are negatively impacted by latency distance. 

All of this saves you money through better bandwidth utilization, fewer branch devices and simplified, automated orchestration. 

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