OSPF Over non-Broadcast Networks ( NBMA) basics and Configuration

Today I will talk about the basic set of configurations of OSPF NBMA network type over the non Broadcast networks. Many of you guys already aware of the NBMA network type in the OSPF network. 

Lets have a Basic OSPF Network diagram for you guys, then we will come up with the diagram showing the routers connected in the OSPF via Frame-Relay network which will act as a NBMA OSPF network type.

Fig 1.1- OSPF NBMA Network Topology

NBMA stands for Non-Broadcast Multiple Access where the network types X.25 and Frame Relay has no capability to support Broadcast traffic. Here in our example we will take Frame-Relay as a NBMA network which is connected via two routers 1 and 2. I defined these routers as NDNA router 1 and NDNA router 2

From the above mentioned topology, we have two routers and connected via the Frame-Relay networks on the interfaces S1/0 on both sides.

Fig 1.2- Frame-relay NBMA Network

Below are the configurations on Router 1 and Router 2. Please note that the IP addresses used here are only for the demo purposes and has no relevance with any of the live or enterprise networks.

   Configuration on router 1

Configuration on router 2