Cisco Viptela SDWAN Value Proposition

Today I am going to talk about on the high level value proposition of Cisco Viptela SDWAN solution. We talk about the Transport Independent, Operational Simplicity, Security in SDWAN solution and Architecture Flexibility.

Fig 1.1- Cisco SDWAN TLOC and Connectivity

Transport Independent
  • Transport independence reduces the issues of the underlying network provided by service providers.No need to detach services from transport service providers.
  • Transport-type is no longer limited to MPLS. All network paths and transport types are leveraged simultaneously.
  • Consistent WAN service available ANYWHERE, regardless of geo/underlay carrier, which means you can have any kind of transport underlay like MPLS, VPLS, Ethernet, LTE, Internet or any other Private circuit.
Operational Simplicity
  • Ease of operation with scalability by using a centralized management and controller architecture which is vManage here.
  • Viptela simplifies operations by providing a central policy engine through the vManage graphical user interface (GUI).
  • Quality of Service (QoS), Access Control (ACL), Application Routing (app-route) and other policies are managed through the central location, eliminating the need to build and manage thousands of individual configurations.
  • Policies are built and managed centrally and efficiently distributed and enforced on vEdges via the overlay management protocol (OMP).
  • Zero trust model which means every link with vBond and vSmart will be authenticated first and then create the connection.
  • Full Zero-Touch Provisioning allows vEdge routers to be shipped directly from the factory to branches with no pre- configuration.
Security in SDWAN
  • Viptela's Secure Extensible Network allows secure segments to be created with the appropriate topology (hub-and spoke, partial mesh, full-mesh) to meet these evolving application needs without tearing the security or performance of business critical transaction traffic.
  • All connections (control plane / data plane) are fully authenticated and encrypted from the first packet with no manual configuration necessary.

Architectural Flexibility
  • Viptela’s Secure Extensible Network permits clients to seamlessly connect cloud based services (SaaS, IaaS, etc.) securely to their WAN and route traffic to those services via the optimal path.
  • The Viptela architecture supports a regional data center model that allows customers to distribute services into “performance hubs”.