Cisco SD-Access: Fabric & Host Onboarding

Cisco SD-Access: Fabric & Host Onboarding

Today we are going to talk about the basic overview of Fabric and Host Onboarding in Cisco SD-Access environment.

Fabric Overview
A fabric is a logical group of devices that is managed as a single entity in one or multiple locations. Having a fabric in place enables several capabilities, such as the creation of virtual networks and user and device groups, and advanced reporting. 

Other capabilities include intelligent services for application recognition, traffic analytics, traffic prioritization, and steering for optimum performance and operational effectiveness. The Cisco DNA Center allows you to add devices to a fabric network. 

These devices can be configured to act as control plane or border devices within the fabric network.

Fig 1.1- Fabric & Host Onboarding

Host Onboarding
The Host Onboarding tab allows you to configure settings for the various kinds of devices ("hosts") that can access the fabric domain. In this tab, you can: 

  • Select an authentication template that will apply to the fabric. These templates are pre-defined configurations that are retrieved from the ISE. 
  • Associate IP address pools to virtual networks. 
  • Specify wireless SSIDs within the network that the hosts can access. 
  • Apply specific configurations for each port for each access device within the fabric domain
In our next article, we will go through the process of Host onboarding in Cisco DNA center.