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Part 3: Juniper Network Commands for troubleshooting

Juniper is one of the leading vendor organization in Routing & Switching product portfolio and also working towards the Datacenter and SDWAN platform. In this article we are going to walk through the Juniper Commands used for various purposes as below 

Fig 1.1- Juniper Routers

Firewall Commands

  • show interfaces filters
  • show firewall 
  • show firewall filter <filter-name>
  • show firewall filter <name> prefix-action <psa-name> from 1 to 8
  • show firewall log
  • show log  <log-file-name>
  • clear firewall  <name>
  • show policer
  • show interface policer  fe-0/1/0
  • show log /var/tmp/<sample file>
  • show log sampled

MPLS Commands
  • show mpls interface
  • show mpls lsp 
  • show mpls lsp extensive
  • show mpls lsp ingress
  • show mpls lsp transit
  • clear mpls lsp [optimize|optimze-aggressive]
  • show ted database 
MPLS-RSVP Commands
  • show rsvp interface
  • show rsvp neighbor
  • show rsvp session
  • show rsvp session ingress
  • show rsvp version
  • show route table mpls.0
  • show route table inet.3
MPLS LDP Commands
  • show ldp neighbors
  • show ldp session
  • show ldp database [session peer]
VPN Commands
  • show route table vpn-a 
  • show route table vpn-a hidden
  • show route forwarding-table vpn vpn-a 
  • ping x.x.x.x routing-instance vpn-a 
  • traceroute x.x.x.x routing-instance vpn-a 
  • telnet x.x.x.x routing-instance vpn-a 
  • ping mpls l3vpn vpn-a prefix 172.20.4/24
  • show route table bgp.l3vpn.0
  • show route advertising-protocol bgp x.x.x.x
  • show route receive-protocol bgp x.x.x.x
  • show arp
  • clear arp vpn vpn-a 
OSPF VPN commands
  • show ospf interface instance vpn-a 
  • show ospf neighbor instance vpn-a 
  • show ospf database instance vpn-a 
  • show l2vpn connections
  • show route table vpn-a 
  • show route table bgp.l2vpn.0
  • show route advertising-protocol bgp x.x.x.x
  • show route receive-protocol bgp x.x.x.x
  • show route table mpls.o 
  • show route forwarding-table family mpls
  • ping mpls l2vpn instance vpn-a remote-site-id 2 local-site-id 1
  • ping mpls l2vpn interface fe-0/0/0.512
Martini Show commands
  • show l2circuit connections
  • show ldp neighbor detail
  • show ldp database

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