Part 2: Juniper Network Commands for troubleshooting

Juniper is one of the leading vendor organization in Routing & Switching product portfolio and also working towards the Datacenter and SDWAN platform. In this article we are going to walk through the Juniper Commands used for various purposes as below 
Fig 1.1- Juniper Routers

BGP ( Border Gateway Protocol) Commands
  • show bgp summary
  • show bgp group
  • show bgp neighbor
  • show route next-hop database
  • show route protocol bgp
  • show route protocol bgp terse 
  • show route receive-protocol bgp
  • show route advertising-protocol bgp
  • show route detail 10.10.1/24
  • show route hidden
  • show route community <reg-ex>
  • show route terse community-name <name>
  • show route aspath-regex "regex"
  • show route damping [history|decayed|surpressed]
  • clear bgp damping
  • clear bgp neighbor soft inbound
QOS ( Quality of Service Commands)
  • show interface xx-x/x/x detail 
  • show interface queue xx-x/x/x
  • show interfaces so-1/0/0 extensive
  • show class-of-service interfaces so-1/0/0 
  • show class-of-service code-point-aliases
  • show class-of-service code-point-aliases dscp
  • show class-of-service code-point-aliases inet-prec
  • show class-of-service code-point-aliases exp
  • show class-of-service forwarding-class
  • show class-of-service classifier  [name]
  • show class-of-service scheduler-map
  • show class-of-service rewrite-rule
  • show class-of-service drop-profile
  • show class-of-service forwarding-table
  • show class-of-service forwarding-table classifier mapping
  • show class-of-service forwarding-table scheduler-map

  • show igmp interface
  • show igmp group
  • show igmp statistics
  • show pim interface
  • show pim neighbors
  • show pim statistics
  • show pim join extensive
  • clear pim join
  • show pim source detail
  • show pim rps
  • show pim bootstrap
  • show multicast usage
  • show multicast rpf
  • show multicast route
  • show route table inet.1
  • show multicast next-hops
  • show msdp
  • show msdp source-active
  • show route table inet.4
  • show multicast rpf inet summary