MPLS Vs VPLS : Difference & Design


Today we will go through MPLS and VPLS together and will also see the difference between these two technologies. Let's talk about both these technology one by one 

MPLS:MPLS stands for Multi Protocol Label Switching

MPLS which actually using switching ( Label) in the core and routing on the edges. MPLS is always the core of the service provider and the connectivity from one PE router to another PE router will be via MPLS technology.

MPLS technology where you have internal routing protocol for data traffic like OSPF( Open shortest path First ) and IS-IS ( intermediate system to intermediate system ) and the concepts of the label which is handled by the protocol LDP/TDP ( Label distribution protocol or Tag distribution protocol ) and the control plane traffic flows from the indirectly connected MP-iBGP protocols between two PE routers across the globe of the single Service provider.

Fig 1.1- MPLS Networks

VPLS:VPLS stands for Virtual Private LAN Service

VPLS (Virtual Private Label Switching) is a type of VPN that connects multiple sites within one bridged domain over a managed IP or MPLS network. To link remote sites, VPLS uses a virtualized Ethernet switch at the provider's edge. At Layer-2, VPLS works and the provider builds out the network. 

The customer however, has the option of doing their own routing. So which means VPLS provider dont know about the L3 routes on the sites and they are generally sends L2 traffic over the Ethernet based underlay networks.

Fig 1.2- VPLS

MPLS Vs VPLS Technologies

Let's talk about the difference via Table showing below

Fig 1.3- MPLS Vs VPLS

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