Switch Stacking Vs VSS

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Today I will explain the distinction between Cisco VSS and Stack switching. Many of you are familiar with both ideas, as many of you have questions related to stack switching and Cisco VSS. Both offer redundancy and scalability, yet present different implementation considerations.

 ⭐  Switch Stacking- Lets understand !

Stack switching is the concept of stacking multiple switches using stack cables so that they can function as a single switch with many ports. 

Stacking connects switches together by using specific stacking ports and cables, with members sharing the control-plane. This clustered architecture consolidates management into a single switch while taking advantage of pooled bandwidth, port density, and redundancy. 

Cisco Switch Stacking
Fig 1.1- Cisco Switch Stacking 

Let us suppose we have a requirement of 200 users at the access layer, what switch will you recommend here? Let me talk about Cisco 9300 with 48 port switch now with Cisco 9300 48 port you can't fill your 200 users requirement, so you required 5 quantity of Cisco 9300 switches in a stack and you have 240 user ports which can fill your requirement.

 ⭐  VSS (virtual switching system)

A virtual switching system (VSS) is a network system virtualization technology that combines many Cisco Catalyst Switches into a single virtual switch, increasing operating efficiency, improving nonstop communications, and scaling system bandwidth capacity. A VSS enables two physical Cisco Catalyst Series Switches to function as a single logical virtual switch known as a virtual switching system.

Cisco VSS Setup
Fig 1.2- Cisco Core VSS

The VSS maintains the redundant links that appear to the outside world as a single port channel. By lowering the number of Layer 3 routing neighbors and offering a loop-free Layer 2 architecture, the VSS simplifies network construction and operation.

 ⭐  Switch Stacking Vs. VSS

Despite the fact that both technologies (Stacking and VSS) aim to integrate many separated switches into a single management plane, it is essential to understand the ways in which they differ.

Switch Stacking Vs VSS
Fig 1.3- Switch Stacking Vs VSS

Hope it clarifies the concept of Switch Stacking and the VSS in a traditional Cisco two or three layer architecture.