Introduction to Arkaya SD-WAN solution

Introduction to Arkaya SD-WAN solution

Today we are going to talk about the another SDWAN provider and many of the corporates already deployed their solution. 

The Arkaya SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) technology control and optimize WAN (Wide Area Network) performance using software-defined networking (SDN) principles. WAN connections can be enhanced in terms of performance and security while maintaining lower expenses and simplifying network management.

Arkaya SD-WAN solutions can be implemented in a number of ways, including through cloud-based or on-premises solutions, and often include features like traffic management, security, and network optimization.

Fig 1.1- Arkaya SDWAN solution

Components of Arkaya SDWAN

Aryaka SmartConnect: SmartConnect is an on-demand, fully managed, end-to-end SD-WAN connectivity service for businesses that provides global, regional, and local connectivity as well as cloud connectivity. It is a one-stop service that uses Aryaka's agile SD-WAN platform to instantly connect your branches, remote locations, data centers, and cloud service providers.

Aryaka SmartOptimize is a key component of SmartConnect that provides on-demand application optimization and acceleration. 

Aryaka's patented architecture optimizes and compresses WAN traffic in a variety of ways, delivering LAN-like performance via a private Layer 2 core with QoS and intelligent edge optimization, multi-segment TCP transport optimization, Advanced Redundancy Removal for any uncompressed and unencrypted application, and SSL and CIFS/SMB application acceleration. 

Aryaka's multiple layers of WAN optimization provide unparalleled and industry-leading performance. SLAs for performance can be verified using the My Aryaka cloud portal.

Aryaka SmartCloudAryaka SmartCloud is designed to complement SmartConnect by offering multi-cloud networking as a service. It is a plug-and-play multi-cloud and SaaS connectivity service that enables customers to connect to IaaS and SaaS quickly and easily.

Aryaka SmartSecureAryaka SmartSecure is a managed SD-WAN security-as-a-service offering that complements SmartConnect. An access firewall within the ANAP provides 'north-south' control at the branch, while an optional NFV-based Tier-1 firewall provides comprehensive L7 protection. Aryaka Zones extends this to the LAN by providing 'east-west' security via site-segmentation and policy-based access.

The two capabilities work together to separate WAN traffic, both to Aryaka and to the internet, from LAN traffic, both internal and DMZ. A third capability extends security into the cloud via security partners such as Check Point, Zscaler, and Palo Alto Networks. The ANAP also allows for VRF-based micro-segmentation, allowing for multi-tenancy.

Aryaka's SmartCDNAryaka's SmartCDN delivers superior performance for dynamic IP applications to users all over the world. It uses Aryaka's global private Layer 2 network to avoid the congested public internet across the middle-mile, allowing remote employees, partners, and mobile users to access enterprise-grade applications.

Aryaka SmartInsightsThe MyAryaka Cloud enables Aryaka SmartInsights, which are designed to provide meaningful and actionable insights on the state of your WAN, ensuring that the network is properly configured and remains operational at scale. Visibility extends across both applications and the SD-WAN infrastructure, allowing enterprises to quickly identify and validate SLAs. Trending allows for forward planning, and powerful reporting allows for offline analysis.

Arkaya SD-WAN provides organizations with increased control and visibility over their WAN connections, making it easier to manage and optimize these connections for specific business requirements.