Gateway Types in Azure

Gateway Types in Azure

ExpressRoute connects Azure virtual networks with on-premises networks using virtual network gateways.

The function of a virtual network gateway is two-fold: it exchanges IP routes between networks and it routes network traffic.

Fig 1.1- Express Route Gateway in Azure

You must specify several settings when you create a virtual network gateway. A gateway type setting specifies whether ExpressRoute or VPN traffic will pass through the gateway.

Step 1: Click to create the Virtual Network Gateway as shown below

Fig 1.2- Express Route Gateway in Azure

Step 2: Fill all the virtual network gateway details as shown below which includes subscription, Name, region, gateway type and Public details, SKUs

Fig 1.3- Express Route Gateway in Azure

Step 3: In the ExpressRoute Gateway, select Connections under the Settings, and then Click + Add.

Fig 1.4- Express Route Gateway in Azure

In the Add connection page, select the connection type as ExpressRoute and click the Redeem authorization check box. After selecting the Redeem authorization checkbox, we will get the Authorization key and peer circuit URI text box, end the Authorization key and the peer circuit URI from that text box, and click Ok. After creating the connection, the on-prem device is able to access the cloud environment.

Fig 1.5- Express Route Gateway in Azure

Make sure you should know that a virtual network gateway can only be assigned to one type of gateway per virtual network.

Types of the Virtual Gateways ate ExpressRoute and VPN

ExpressRoute gateways are used to send network traffic over a private connection. When configuring ExpressRoute, this is also known as an ExpressRoute gateway.

The gateway type 'VPN' is used to send encrypted traffic across the public Internet. A VPN gateway is used for site-to-site, point-to-site, and VNet-to-VNet connections.

Configuration settings on the Azure

  • Virtual Network Name = "NDNA"
  • Virtual Network address space =
  • Subnet Name = "APPTEST"
  • Subnet address space = ""
  • Resource Group = "Testdomain"
  • Location = "West US"
  • Gateway Subnet name: "GatewaySubnet" You must always name a gateway subnet GatewaySubnet.
  • Gateway Subnet address space = ""
  • Gateway Name = "TestWAN"
  • Gateway Public IP Name = "MyTestWAN"
  • Gateway type = "ExpressRoute" This type is required for an ExpressRoute configuration.

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