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Cisco SDWAN: vEdge Router Factory Reset

Cisco SDWAN: vEdge Router Factory Reset

Sometimes you are reusing the vEdge device which is in invalid state on vManage but you didn't removed any configurations on the vedge. The best way to reuse that device to first factory default configuration reset and put the new bootstrap configuration on it.

Fig 1.1- vEdge 1000 Model

Perform the following action from the vEdge itself 
NDNA_vEdge# request software reset

Other way to reset is a Hard press or a soft press which will reset the vEdge router. Both types of resets can be performed by pressing the Reset button on the router's front panel.

In order to prevent accidental presses of the reset button while the router is working, the button is recessed. Make sure you use a sharp narrow tool when pressing the Reset button.

Hard Press Reset vEdge
By pressing and holding the reset button for a long period of time, the router is returned to its factory-default configuration, erasing passwords, keys, and most other configuration parameters. 

When performing a long press reset, hold down the Reset button for more than ten seconds. Resetting the router will bring it back to normal operation after you release the button.

Fig 1.2 - vEdge Reset button

Soft Press Reset vEdge
In the CLI prompt, entering the reboot command at the reboot prompt is equivalent to a short press reset of the Edge router. Press and hold the Reset button for two seconds to execute a brief press reset. The router reboots almost immediately after you push the reset button briefly.

After you have hard pressed and reset the vEdge, you delete password to login the vEdge as well. So the default user name and password to login will be admin/admin

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