Introduction to Cisco Nexus Cloud

Introduction to Cisco Nexus Cloud

There are lot of announcements and updates from Cisco Live 2022. Earlier we talked about Cisco Cloud ACI and now Cisco Nexus Cloud. Cisco Strategy is to move to cloud and give the best experience to their customer as next generation network journey.

Cisco Nexus Cloud
It was said in Cisco Live 2022 that it will providing simplicity, visibility, and sustainability, Cisco Nexus Cloud allows customers to deploy, manage, and operate their Cisco Nexus networks as services in the cloud. So the main focus is end to end visibility till end point. 

Fig 1.1- Cisco Nexus Cloud

You receive proactive advisories from Cisco Nexus Cloud as it examines your environment. Also, in order to mitigate risks in a timely manner, it provides advanced warnings.

It provides forecasting so that you can plan ahead and reduce risk to your infrastructure.

Cisco Nexus Cloud Device Support
Cisco Nexus Cloud supports Cisco ACI and NX-OS devices which includes Cisco Nexus 9500, Cisco Nexus 9300 and Cisco Nexus 9200. Although there is a minimum software version required for the above mentioned devices. Please have a look on the Compatible matrix for the Nexus cloud and the devices.

There are lot of features supported in the first phase of the launch and these features are onboarding, Capacity utilization, topology view, conformance, advisories, statistics, events, assurance, microbursts and more. 

Note⭐: To unlock the full potential of Cisco Nexus cloud, DCN Essential and Advantage license holders can upgrade to a Premier license or add a Day2Ops Add-on license.

There are some questions as a part of initial launch of Cisco Nexus Cloud with answers. 

Cisco Nexus Cloud questions