Cisco Nexus Dashboard Cluster Upgrade by CLI manual Process

Cisco Nexus Dashboard Cluster Upgrade by CLI manual Process

In our earlier article we talk about the upgrade Nexus Dashboard from the GUI, now if you face any issues while upgrading from GUI you need to go through the CLI or manual process. Nexus Dashboard Cluster Upgrade to 2.1(2d) to fix Log4j vulnerability and Apache server version 2.17.1

Fig 1.1- Nexus Dashboard with 4 nodes in Cluster

Lets us suppose we have 4 node cluster, then make sure all these following steps will be taken care for all the nodes separately. So in our case we need to run all these steps for all the 4 nodes one by one.

Before you login to the Nexus Dashboard CLI, you need to upload the ISO image to the Nexus Dashboard directory /tmp ( which is recommended by Cisco).

I would recommend to use "WinSCP" to upload the image to the Nexus Dashboard nodes one by one. Once you uploaded you are good to start with the manual process of upgrading the nodes ( 4 times as we have 4 nodes in the cluster).

Step 1: Log in to the nodes you want to upgrade as "rescue-user" and generate token to login to the root user as below

[rescue-user@NDNA_NXDB1 ~]$ acs debug-token
[rescue-user@NDNA_NXDB1 ~]$ ^C
[rescue-user@NDNA_NXDB1 ~]$ ssh root@0

The authenticity of host '0 (' can't be established.
RSA key fingerprint is SHA256:XXXXXX.
RSA key fingerprint is MD5:XXXXXX.
Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? yes
Warning: Permanently added '0,' (RSA) to the list of known hosts.
root@0's password:
[root@NDNA_NXDB1 ~]# 

Step 2: Start the upgrade on all nodes (We are upgrading to nd-dk9.2.1.2d)
[root@NDNA_NXDB1 ~]# acs installer update -f /tmp/nd-dk9.2.1.2d.iso
Warning: This command will initiate node update to new version.
Proceed? (y/n): y
Update in Progress ... Do not press Ctrl^C

Step 3: Wait for the upgrade to complete. You must wait for all nodes to be upgraded before proceeding to the next step. Update succeeded.

Step 4: Ensure that the upgrade is completed on all nodes before restarting any one node.
[root@NDNA_NXDB1 ~]# acs reboot
This command will restart this device, Proceed? (y/n): Y

Step 5:  Now as you rebooted and it comes up, Its time to verify the node is healthy.
[root@NDNA_NXDB1 ~]# acs health

Step 6: Once all nodes are up with new version and healthy, run post-upgrade tasks.
[root@NDNA_NXDB1 ~]# acs installer post-update
Warning: This command will run the post-update scripts. Proceed? (y/n): y
Update in Progress ... Do not press Ctrl^C
Post-update succeeded

So you are done with the upgrade on the Nexus Dashboard via CLI/manual process. In case you have some issue via GUI, this is the another way to perform.