Introduction to BGP Route Maps

Introduction to BGP Route Maps

In this article, we will walk through the concept of the route maps and the configuration of the route maps in the BGP environment. All these configurations showing below will be on Cisco router.

Why we are using the BGP route maps, well route maps are used to control BGP routing information. Route maps are to define the condition by which routes are redistributed between routing domains.

Note : Route maps cannot be used to filter incoming BGP updates based on IP address. You can, however, use route maps to filter outgoing BGP updates based on IP address.

With the use of the route maps you can specified the incoming and outgoing traffic to the BGP neighbors and in the case of the BGP path selection criteria you can also used to push the configurations for weight, Local preference and other BGP attributes.

Fig 1.1- BGP Route Maps

     Configurations on NDNA_R1

   Configurations on NDNA_R3

We here only discuss the configuration of the routers NDNA_R1 and NDNA_R3 because there is eBGP between these routers and we are setting up community and route map as shown above in the configurations for both the routers.