Part 1: 10 Basic interview questions on Cisco Meraki

Today we are going to talk about the very basic few questions which are usually asked in the interview for Cisco Meraki

Let's start with the first part of interview questions in Cisco Meraki. we will come up with another round of questions in Cisco Meraki.

Fig 1.1- Cisco Meraki

Q1: What is a valid use of Network Tags?
Network Tags can be used to create aggregated summary report for a specific group of networks

Q2: Which of the MX types of routes has the highest priority?
Client VPN

Q3: What describes the minimum Dashboard configuration requirements in order to turn on the wireless connectivity option for MV Cameras?
A minimum of 2 wireless profiles needs to be defined and assigned, one as Primary and the other as Secondary  

Q4: Where on Dashboard would you go to configure layer 7 firewall rules to deny traffic for specific applications?

  • Security & SD-WAN > Configure > Firewall
  • Wireless > Configure > Firewall & traffic shaping
  • Network-wide > Configure > Group policy

Q5: What is best regarding the MR Advanced License Umbrella integration?
Detected MR DNS events are visible navigating to Organization > Monitor > Security Center > MR DNS Events

Q6: What is true regarding a pair of MX security appliances configured in High Availability (HA) ?
Leased DHCP addresses are synchronized between the HA pair

Q7: What two registration interaction levels are available to network admins when building a guest access policy?
User and Automatic

Q8:How API needs to be enabled via dashboard ?
API Access need to be enabled in Organization > Configure > Settings

Q9: On the Meraki Dashboard, where should you navigate to review the Video Access log for MV cameras?
Cameras > Monitor > Video Access > Video Access log

Q10: What operations involving an MR access point can only be performed on the local status page of the device?
Enable survey mode for the access point