Cisco Viptela SDWAN: Configuring or editing the NTP server on vEdge via vManage

 Today we are going to talk about the adding the NTP server or update the NTP server to the vEdge via vManage. Most of you already knew that as the process is the straight forward process. NTP is something a part of the feature template and is configured to all the devices across your infrastructure of SDWAN.

Case 1: New NTP server, go through Step 1 to Step 7

Case 2: Update NTP server, go to the feature NTP template, add new values, save, then update and you will be on step 6 directly.

Step 1: Login to the vManage portal with your username and password 

Step 2: Go to the device template and edit that device template as shown below 

Step 3:click on the Edit on the template, Once you edit that template you will see the below screen

Step 4: Now add the NTP server, it will say to add the template as shown below

Step 5: Now you have below screen, Put IP address/Host name for the NTP server and on the last Tab, click on the globe button to change it to global and then make it on. You can add multiple servers of NTP as well. One should be on and other should be off as recommendation. 

Step 6: Once your template is created, save that template, Once you saved, you see you will get update button as well, Click on the update button and you will see it will now ready to push to the devices who so ever are attached to the template assigned as below.

Step 7: Now it will going to update on two devices in our case, you may have multiple devices in your infra and will send to multiple devices together as shown below, Click on the configure devices and it will configure with the NTP configuration. 

Step 8: Verify NTP configurations on the vEdge ( may be login to one or two to verify)

Now run the below command as the latest is changes 0 in our case but you will see the changes 

vEdge_NDNA # 
vEdge_NDNA #Show config commit changes 0