Object storage in Alibaba Cloud

Today we are going to discuss about the Object storage in Alibaba Cloud. It is one if the important thing to take care when to store the data with security and other features. Let's talk about the Alibaba Cloud Object storage.

What is Object Storage ?
Generally data is a form of files or blocks when we talk about the storage but here data is in the form of object to store and Alibaba uses this service as distributed Object Storage Service (OSS).

Alibaba Cloud OSS boasts high reliability, cost effectiveness, and scalability. Users can request data of any amount, regardless of time or location.

Fig 1.1- Alibaba Cloud OSS

Alibaba Cloud Object Storage types

Alibaba Cloud OSS categorizes storage types into Standard, Infrequent Access, and Archive, which are equally reliable but have different availability, shortest storage time, and storage overhead. 

Storage space (bucket)
We are sure that you are aware of the bucket and Alibaba Cloud OSS uses buckets to store data where data is stored in bucket and is configured with a region, access permission, and lifecycle to meet user requirements. 

Alibaba Cloud OSS authenticates a user to see whether the user has access permission for a bucket, thereby implementing access control by storage space levels.

Object permission management
Well talking about the Alibaba Cloud OSS object can be configured with read and write permissions for the root account or any subaccount. Users can set an ACL to Private-Read-Write, Public-Read, or Public-Read-Write. 

Alibaba Cloud uses Security Token Service (STS), OSS can employ the temporary security credentials of STS to implement object access, without exposing the account Access Key, thereby achieving highly secure access control.

Data security management
Data security management is one of the important fact to take care and Alibaba Cloud OSS uses AES256 algorithms to implement data encryption on a server. After data is uploaded to OSS, the server encrypts the data and stores it on OSS.