OSPF Show Commands on Cisco, Juniper, Huawei, HP and Arista Networks devices

 I am going to talk about the OSPF show commands in this article on different vendors which includes Cisco, Juniper, Huawei, HP and Arista Networks. These commands are working as per the device you have. Please let me know if you knew any other commands in general for OSPF in different platforms which includes Cisco, Juniper, Huawei, HP and Arista Networks.

OSPF Sample Topology with EIGRP and RIP

Above is the sample topology of OSPF protocol with the other protocols like EIGRP and RIP protocols and below are the sample OSPF show commands which will help you to troubleshoot OSPF in your network for the various platforms

Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) is a standard routing protocol that’s been used the world over for many years. Supported by practically every routing vendor, as well as the open source community, OSPF is one of the few protocols in the IT industry you can count on being available just about anywhere you might need it.

Fig 1.2- OSPF Sample Topology with Area's

Cisco OSPF show Commands
NDNA@cisco#sh ip ospf
NDNA@cisco#sh ip ospf data
NDNA@cisco#sh ip ospf database database-summary
NDNA@cisco#sh ip ospf neighbor
NDNA@cisco#sh ip ospf neighbor details
NDNA@cisco#sh ip ospf interface
NDNA@cisco#sh ip ospf virtual-links
NDNA@cisco#sh ip ospf database self-originate
NDNA@cisco#sh ip ospf adv-router X.X.X.X
NDNA@cisco#sh ip ospf stat

Juniper OSPF show Commands
NDNA@juniper> show ospf route
NDNA@juniper> show ospf route detail
NDNA@juniper> show ospf route extensive
NDNA@juniper> show ospf3 route detail
NDNA@juniper> show ospf route topology voice
NDNA@juniper> show ospf database
NDNA@juniper> show ospf database detail
NDNA@juniper> show ospf database extensive
NDNA@juniper> show ospf database summary
NDNA@juniper> show ospf database opaque-area detail

Huawei OSPF show Commands
NDNA@Huawei> display ospf peer
NDNA@Huawei>display ospf routing
NDNA@Huawei>display ospf error
NDNA@Huawei> display ospf 1 interface
NDNA@Huawei> display current-configuration configuration ospf 
NDNA@Huawei> display ospf 1 brief
NDNA@Huawei>display current-configuration interface GigabitEthernet X
NDNA@Huawei> display ospf interface verbose 

HP Routers OSPF show Commands
NDNA@HP# show ip ospf area
NDNA@HP# show ip ospf border-routers
NDNA@HP# show ip ospf config
NDNA@HP# show ip ospf database external-link-state
NDNA@HP# show ip ospf gen
NDNA@HP# show ip ospf interface
NDNA@HP# show ip ospf database link-state status
NDNA@HP# show ip ospf neighbor
NDNA@HP# show ip ospf routes
NDNA@HP# show ip ospf trap
NDNA@HP# show ip ospf virtual-link X

Arista Networks OSPF show Commands
NDNA@arista>show ip ospf
NDNA@arista>show ip ospf border-routers 
NDNA@arista>show ip ospf 1 0 database database-summary 
NDNA@arista>show ip ospf database adv-router X.X.X.X
NDNA@arista>show ip ospf 1 2 database router
NDNA@arista>show ip ospf interface vlan 1
NDNA@arista>show ip ospf interface brief 
NDNA@arista>show ip ospf lsa-log
NDNA@arista>show ip ospf neighbor
NDNA@arista>show ip ospf neighbor vlan 2 detail
NDNA@arista>show ip ospf neighbor vlan 2 adjacency-changes
NDNA@arista>show ip ospf neighbor state full 
NDNA@arista>show ip ospf neighbor summary
NDNA@arista>show ip ospf request-list
NDNA@arista>show ip ospf retransmission-list
NDNA@arista>show ip ospf spf-log