Datacenter Scenario: Configuring vPC on Cisco Nexus Devices

Today I am going to talk about the configuration example of Cisco vPC on the Cisco Nexus devices. Earlier we talk about vPC best practices in Cisco Datacenter environment  and we also discussed about Single and Double sided vPC

Lets talk about the configuration example of the vPC in the Nexus devices.

vPC: Virtual Port Channel
vPC stands for Virtual Port Channel and is a virtualized technology, So it allows links that are physically connected to two different Cisco Nexus 7000 Series devices to appear as a single port channel to a third device. 

The third device can be a switch, server, or any other networking device that supports link aggregation technology. 

So now let's go with the vPC configuration part step by step for the above mentioned topology.

Fig 1.1- Cisco vPC in Datacenter Environment

For starting configuring vPC, first we need to configure the management interface and define the default route

So now after configuring management interfaces, configure feature vac and lacp  and create a VLAN

   Configure the vpc domain and vPC role priority

   Now configure peer keep-alive and peer link 

   Configure FEX device which will connect to parent Switch 5K 

    Configure the FEX interfaces to vPC

Similarly for second Nexus 5K device, configure management, default route, enable vPC and lacp and then keep-alive 

    Management VRF will be used as the default VRF