Automatic scaling in Alibaba Cloud

Today we are going to talk about the Automatic scaling in Alibaba Cloud. As most of you already knew that Auto Scaling is a feature that automatically adjusts computing resources based on the volume of user requests. 

Auto Scaling enables users to set automatic scaling policies according to actual business circumstances and add/release ECS instance resources to meet business requirements

Fig 1.1- Alibaba Cloud Autoscaling

Different modes of Automatic Scaling in Alibaba Cloud
So Alibaba supports all the three modes of Automatic Scaling and these are as below 

  • Custom mode: One mode of the automatic scaling is add or release compute instances on Alibaba and the service is Alibaba Cloud ECS. It can be done manually.
  • Scheduled mode: Second mode of the automatic scaling is users configure periodic tasks to add or release compute instances according to a schedule. It is supported on the Alibaba Cloud 
  • Dynamic mode: The third mode of the automatic scaling is to monitor compute resources. Alibaba Cloud supports this feature and Alibaba Cloud adds or releases ECS instances based on the CloudMonitor scaling policy.

Alibaba Cloud Auto Scaling is offered to customers at no extra cost. It will only be charged for the usage of the ECS instances automatically created or manually added to Auto Scaling.