SD-WAN Players : Cisco Viptela Vs VMWare Velocloud Vs Silver-peak

Today I am going to talk about the topmost 3 Vendors of WAN edge or so called SDWAN solution providers. The top 3 Vendors of the Software Defined WAN which is taken in the Gartner 2019 Magic quadrant as of now. These all 3 vendors are extremely taken over the full market of the Next generation WAN networks and leading in the space of SDWAN as per the Gartner report.

With the neck to neck fight, Cisco, VMWare and Silver Peak rule the SDWAN space but yes there are lot of other  vendors who can’t be ignored in SDWAN space like Citrix, Fortinet, Riverbed and Aryaka publish in the Gartner Challenger’s space. Viptela who is part of Cisco now work hard to make successful as the transition. Cisco provide 3 different solutions called as SDWAN solution- Cisco Viptela SDWAN  Meraki SDWAN and Cisco iWAN.

Here in this article we will discuss on the top 3 SDWAN providers in the market. If you would like to know about SDWAN, you need to check the previous articles written on SDWAN solution.
  • Cisco Viptela SDWAN
  • VMWare VeloCloud SDWAN
  • Silver Peak SDWAN
Cisco Viptela SDWAN
Cisco Viptela SDWAN is one of the most exclusive and Powerful SDWAN solution in the market as per the Gartner report. With the help of Cisco Viptela SDWAN  you can implement applications in minutes on any platform. Viptela offers a consistent user experience and predictable performance.

Fig 1.1- Cisco Viptela SDWAN

Yes, with Cisco Viptela SDWAN solution, You can get faster, easier implementation and action of your WAN, and faster performance using less bandwidth. Cisco Viptela SDWAN provides you more Strong connect to users with applications. Multi-layer security encrypts all information for shield from the WAN edge to the cloud.

Features of Cisco SDWAN Solution
  1. Fabric: Management, Controllers, ZTP, Routing: Static & Topology: Hub-n-spoke only
  2. Internet/Cloud: NAT, Split tunnel, IPSec IKEv1/v2, GRE
  3. Policy: Local ACL only, Data policy, QoS & SLA: Application aware routing (5 tuple only)
  4. Segmentation: 2 VPNs (service + transport) & Visibility : DPI for visibility only, Support: 24x7x365, NBD RMA
  5. Routing: Dynamic routing (OSPF/BGP) &Topology: Mesh topology, any & Internet/Cloud: Cloud on-ramp for IaaS/SaaS
  6. Policy: Control policy, service insertion, extra-net & Segmentation: 5 VPNs (transport + 4x service)
  7. SLA: Application aware routing (DPI), Multicast
  8. Analytics: vAnalytics platform
  9. Optimizations: TCP Optimization
VMWare Velocloud SDWAN
VMWare’s Velocloud SD-WAN is also one of the most successful SDWAN player in the market. VeloCloud is a player which is later acquired by VMWare and then it becomes VMWare Velocloud SD-WAN which guarantees enterprise and cloud application efficiency over Internet and hybrid WAN while streamlining implementations and dipping costs.

Regarding the Performance and Reliability, Velocloud SD-WAN or VeloCloud offers hybrid WAN with high efficiency, reliability and transport, and provider flexibility to assure optimal performance even for challenging applications, such as voice and video.

Fig 1.2- VMWare VeloCloud SDWAN

Velocloud SD-WAN Eliminate datacenter backhaul penalization with a cloud-ready network to offer an optimized uninterrupted path to public and private enterprise clouds. It can decrease the branch office foot-mark with a single click with smooth inclusion and binding of virtualized services on premise and in the cloud.

With Velocloud SD-WAN  you can permit zero-touch branch network implementation with automation and business policy-based orchestration.

Features of VMWare Velocloud SDWAN Solution
  1. Cloud Hosted as a Service Model
  2. Dynamic Multi-Path Optimization (DMPO) & Any Connection Type
  3. Zero Touch Provisioning & Security Service Chaining
  4. NFV Infrastructure & Application Visibility & Application Performance Monitoring
  5. Network Agnostic Virtual Overlay & PCI Data Segmentation
  6. Multi-region SD-WAN & Cloud VPN
  7. Integration with VMware NSX Data Center
  8. Optimize Access to SaaS and Cloud
  9. Security, Compliance & Assured Application Performance
Silver Peak SDWAN Solution
Silver Peak is a one of the WAN optimizer player in early days and now they powerful SDWAN solution provider as well in the market. Silver Peak SDWAN solutions permit dispersed enterprises to construct a improved WAN, securely linking users to applications exclusive of bargaining application efficiency.

As with the SDWAN player, Silver Peak expand app efficiency and accessibility. You can paid  lower cost by refining and accumulative consumption across all available links (MPLS, broadband, 4G/LTE).

Fig 1.3- Silver Peak SDWAN

You can extend your infrastructure to the Multi-cloud players like Amazon AWS  Microsoft Azure and Improve the performance consistency of Office 365,, and lots more. To make more simplification like other players.

You can automated, app-driven approach and can be implemented in both existing (overlay approach) and new environments (SDWAN appliance supporting integrated network functions).

Yes, if you are Service Provider you can Managed SDWAN service operating in a hybrid MPLS and broadband network environment and provide managed SLA-based SDWAN service to offer cloud connectivity. Even service providers deliver the best possible user experience for cloud-hosted applications.

Features of Silver Peak SDWAN Solution
  1. Zero-Touch Provisioning & Tunnel Bonding
  2. Virtual WAN Overlays
  3. Dynamic Path Control (DPC)& WAN Hardening
  4. Path Conditioning & First-packet iQ™ Application Classification
  5. Local Internet Breakout& High Availability
  6. Routing & Cloud Intelligence
  7. Real-Time Monitoring and Historical Reporting
  8. Zone-based Firewall & Service Chaining 
  9. Application Performance & SAAS connectivity & WAN Security & Optimization
We will discuss all these SDWAN players one by one in detail with the capabilities, features, Market capture, next release with new feature sets.

The SDWAN players we will going to discuss mainly on Cisco Viptela, VMWare Velocloud, Silver Peak and Versa Networks in our upcoming articles.